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Chris Kilham is a medicine hunter, author, educator who promotes natural, plant-based medicines and sustainable global trade that protects the natural environment and supports indigenous cultures. Chris has conducted medicinal plant research in over 45 countries and lectures extensively on holistic wellness and botanical medicines around the world. He appears as guest expert on TV in US and international television markets, where he advocates traditional botanical medicines, including the cultural and health uses of psychoactive and psychedelic plant medicines such as cannabis. “The criminalization of cannabis is itself a crime,” says Chris, “Cannabis is safer than either tobacco or alcohol, both of which are legal and deadly.” Chris has been featured in The New York Times, The Dr. Oz Show, Outside Magazine, Psychology Today, LA Weekly, Newsweek, CNN, NBC Nightly News, ABC Good Morning America, ABC Nightline, ABC 20/20 and many other top tier media venues. He is the author of fifteen books, including The Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook, Psyche Delicacies, and The Five Tibetans, which has been published in over 28 languages.

Chris is a passionate global adventurer. He is an honorary chief in the South Pacific, was named Maxipe’ by the Brazilian Macuxi tribe, is a fire walker, a former diplomat, and has lived and worked with South American shamans for over 24 years. CNN calls Chris “The Indiana Jones Of Natural Medicine.”
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