Aseem Sappal

Asseem Sappal – Provost & Dean | Oaskterdam University

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Dr. Aseem Sappal is Provost and Dean of the Faculty at Oaksterdam University, the pioneering college offering a comprehensive curriculum for those interested in an education and career in the cannabis trade. He also serves as the corporate CFOO and Chief Academic Officer. His responsibilities include overseeing operations and finances in Oakland, Las Vegas and Jamaica, directing academic and administrative affairs, international affairs, R&D, strategic growth & partnerships.

He is a Professor of Business, Science, Civics and Security, representing Oaksterdam University internationally as a subject matter expert. He is responsible for training government officials, health care providers, business executives, investors, and policy makers on issues of compliance and best business practices within the cannabis business arena, while promoting education and improving public awareness.

Dr. Sappal holds a Medical Degree from India, serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Health Research Institute, which works with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, is on the board of the Public Education Program Fund and is an advisor for the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform (CCPR) and ReformCA.

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