Corey Hunt

Corey Hunt – Co-Founder | Illegally Healed

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Corey Hunt discovered the healing properties of medical cannabis when a loved one was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. He resigned from a successful career in technology soon after to focus on documentation of the miraculous effects of medical cannabis. Compelled to share the truths he had uncovered with the public, he found himself meeting with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Produced with plans to create a documentary focused on medical cannabis patients. The realization that his intentions for the project were not aligned with the values of the entertainment industry led to the creation of the online community known today as “illegally healed”. This growing collective of more than 380,000 patients, advocates, researchers, and medical professionals has sparked a movement to change global drug policy. Together with his team, Corey produces educational content that reaches millions around the world each month.

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