David G Ostrow, MD, PhD, LFAPA David G Ostrow, MD, PhD, LFAPA

David G Ostrow, MD, PhD, LFAPA – Director | David Ostrow and Associates Consulting; AACM


Dr. Ostrow is considered a leader in patient-centered/community-based research since the early ’70s when he organized the first gay community based health center for gay and bisexual men, what is now the Howard Brown Health Center of Chicago. With his medical scientist background, he worked with the CDC to identify Hepatitis B as a sexually transmitted disease among GBTQ men and was the Chicago PI for Phase II trials of the original HepB vaccine (74-81). This led directly to the development of the largest and longest running study of HIV/AIDS, the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (the MACS) which has been following several thousand HIV+ and HIV- men in each of 5 metropolitan areas on a semi-annual basis since 1884. Through the MACS, he identified drug use patterns that facilitated HIV transmission and disease progression, but also learned of the therapeutic and protective factors of cannabis use among members of the Cohort and his own practice of addiction medicine. This led him to turn his attention towards medicinal cannabis use, research and policy reform. Since 2005, he and other community-based clinicians, researchers, cultivators and patient advocacy groups have been working to develop a NA Community-Based Clinical Cannabis Evaluation and Research Network (the NA CBCCERN), to collect subjective patient and objective data on the many thousands of MCP participants throughout No America to establish data-based therapeutic guidelines for the use of cannabinoid- based regimens for specific symptoms & conditions.

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