David Holmes

David Holmes – CEO | Clade9

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David Holmes is Co-founder of Cannagen LLC, DBA Clade 9, a consulting firm that designs, builds and manages commercial medical marijuana cultivation facilities. David graduated with a Masters Degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Riverside in 2002. David was inspired to cultivate medical marijuana in 1999, after visiting a high-tech indoor garden in California. Through many years of experimentation and analysis, he has optimized his growing system and plant nutrient regiment. With evidence of successful indoor cultivation for over a decade, David scaled up his design to a commercial scale facility in 2007. Shortly thereafter, Clade9 was formed to meet the demand for cultivation experts in the Los Angeles area. Legalization of medical marijuana in other states opened more opportunities for David to bring his knowledge abroad. Currently, he is facilitating and managing large scale regulated cultivation projects in Arizona and Las Vegas. His cultivation facility in Phoenix exclusively supplies Herbal Wellness (HWC) which was rated by Leafly as the number one trending dispensary in America in April 2015.

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