Frenchy Cannoli - Master Hashishin | Frenchy Cannoli Frenchy Cannoli

Frenchy Cannoli – Master Hashishin | Frenchy Cannoli

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My focus today and for the near future, is on discovering the science behind traditional and modern hash making techniques in an effort to pass on factual knowledge and information to the next generation of Hashishins.

I am Aficionado’s official Hashishin. Aficionado is possibly the first seed company positioning its marketing strategy and the quality control of its breeding program on resin. This working relationship mirrors the relationship between a winemaker and a vigneron, the person who grows the grapes for winemaking – their common goal conveying not only the full essence of the plant but of the land it was grown in as well.

My commitment is to the promotion and protection of the Breeders and Growers of California’s Emerald Triangle, and to the legacy of this region which spans multiple generations and is priceless in its uniqueness and its economic potential.

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