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Jackie McGowan – Owner | Ban Aid Consulting

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Jackie McGowan became a patient advocate on July 4, 2014. After becoming a patient herself six months earlier, she began to realize the reality of the problems in the industry. “I was under the impression that cannabis was legal in California, but realized that term was very narrowly defined. It wasn’t until my medicine ran out of stock that I became aware of just how severely handicapped the industry truly was.” She jumped in to gather signatures for a referendum in San Jose. That led to an infatuation with cannabis policy and on January 1, 2016, she started a Facebook group called “California City & County Ban Watch.” “I realized that many in the industry weren’t seeing the beginning of what was soon dubbed ‘Banapalooza’ by other advocates. I started the group as a way for activists across the state to meet, organize and unite to try and stop the widespread ban crisis.” The group has become an intricate tool in assisting those in the state of local cannabis policy. In just a few short months the group has grown to include over 2,000 members and is read by local and state elected officials, County Counsels, AG Commissioners and many others working to craft reasonable policy all across the state.

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