Kimberly Cargile

Kimberly Cargile – Executive Director | A Therapeutic Alternative


Kimberly Cargile has been dedicated to advancing the medical cannabis industry in California for over a decade. With over 15 years experience as a cultivator and 10 years operating dispensaries, Kimberly has gained invaluable industry experience. In 2006, when she graduated Humboldt State University as a Presidential Scholar with a degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Psychology and a focus on Social Justice, she moved to Sacramento and began her advocacy for patients to City Councils, Board of Supervisors and the State Legislature. Kimberly has worked hard over the years to continually expand her knowledge the science and law of medical cannabis. As a consultant she has helped many companies open or transition into the regulated market place. As the Executive Director of A Therapeutic Alternative Inc., a locally permitted dispensary in Sacramento, Kimberly is proud of the fact that various government officials have commended her on her model operation. Her passion for helping others has fueled her desire to stay in the industry through some very hard times. Kimberly is respected for her knowledge, ethics and compassion. Her experience has earned her the title as an expert in the medical cannabis industry.

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