Lezil Engelking - President and Founder | Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS) Lezli Engelking

Lezli Engelking – President and Founder | Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS)

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Lezli Engelking is the Founder and President of the Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS). FOCUS is an international, third party, non-profit, cannabis standards development organization created to protect public health, consumer safety and safeguard the environment. Lezli possesses two decades of professional experience across pharmaceutical, mental health, non-profit, and cannabis industries. Her passion for new challenges and ability to envision simplified solutions to complicated situations makes Lezli the perfect candidate for work in the formulation of public policy ensuring the highest standards that protect public health and safety are met and maintained. More than twelve years with Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals laid the perfect foundation for Lezli’s role as Executive Director of the first chain of vertically integrated medical cannabis operations in Phoenix, Arizona. Lezli’s proven success in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, and her first hand experience working in the unregulated cannabis industry, place her in an ideal position to lead the company creating the first and only international, quality and safety based, voluntary-consensus cannabis standards.

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