Luke Stanton | Managing Partner | Frontera Law Group Luke Stanton

Luke Stanton – Managing Partner | Frontera Law Group

Luke K. Stanton is an attorney, advisor and entrepreneur whose work over the past decade has entrenched him in the American cannabis industry.

Mr. Stanton is the Founder and Managing Partner of Frontera Law Group, one of the nation’s leading cannabis business specialty law firms. Frontera has quickly developed an array of best-in-class cannabis companies, brands, producers and ancillary service providers all working to define standards for an emerging industry. Mr. Stanton has also expanded the Frontera network to include accounting, business advisory, entertainment and government affairs entities. Through these entities, Frontera has worked on projects in more than a dozen state markets across the country, and continues to push the industry to increased levels of professionalism, performance, and integrity.

Mr. Stanton is also a general partner at Skytree Capital Partners, a Nevada-based private equity firm focused on the legal cannabis space, particularly as it relates to the industry’s insurance needs. Mr. Stanton brings his industry expertise to Skytree to focus on identifying businesses and business opportunities that will revolutionize the legal cannabis landscape.

Mr. Stanton received his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Notre Dame before attending Pepperdine University’s School of Law, as well as Pepperdine’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, the nation’s leading Dispute Resolution program, earning his Juris Doctorate and Master’s Degree in the same three years. Mr. Stanton has been featured in Financial Times Magazine, the National Marijuana News, mg Magazine, Cannabis Industry Journal, MJINews, LEFAIR Magazine and Merry Jane, and has made speaking appearances at numerous cannabis and investment conferences, summits and events across the country.

Mr. Stanton’s career, in all of its forms, focuses on helping clients build successful, sustainable and responsible businesses in the cannabis space while working with other industry leaders to create a prosperous future for the industry as a whole.

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