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Rob Bonta – Assemblymember | California State Assembly

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Assemblymember Rob Bonta was elected to the California State Assembly’s 18th District in 2012, where he represents the cities of Oakland, Alameda, and San Leandro as the first and only Filipino American legislator in the 166-year history of California.

Last year, Bonta successfully negotiated and passed the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, which, for the first time in the history of California, establishes a comprehensive regulatory framework for the medical marijuana industry to ensure patient access, as well as to protect the environment, public safety, and public health. With the new law, patients will have assurances that their products are safe. Law enforcement will have a foundation for identifying drugged drivers and increased funding to protect the public. The environment will be protected from neglect, destruction, and water diversion. And the medical marijuana industry itself will be able to come out of the shadows and receive the same protections under the law as other state-licensed businesses, creating jobs and contributing to the economy.

Honored to have played a key role in these historic new laws, Bonta is committed to making California’s transition into a rational, regulated market as smooth as possible by holding informational hearings and authoring legislative refinements to MCRSA.

Rob graduated with honors from Yale College with a degree in History. After studying at Oxford University in England, he returned to earn his Juris Doctorate from Yale Law School. Rob and his wife Mialisa live in Alameda with their three children.

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