Rob Kampia

Rob Kampia – Executive Director | Marijuana Policy Project

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Rob Kampia co-founded the Marijuana Policy Project in 1995 and has served as its executive director ever since. MPP has been responsible for enacting most of the state-level marijuana laws in the United States since 2000.

Rob co-led the landmark campaign that legalized marijuana in Colorado in 2012.
He also orchestrated the passage of similar legalization initiatives in Alaska (2014) and Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada, with an assist in California (2016).

Rob has testified before Congress and dozens of state legislatures. He has also been quoted in almost every U.S. newspaper and has debated prohibitionists on numerous national TV networks.

Rob graduated valedictorian of his high school class in Pennsylvania; served three months in prison for growing marijuana for personal use; was elected student body president of Penn State University; and graduated with honors from Penn State University with a bachelor’s in Engineering Science and a minor in English.

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